“Earn While You Learn” Parenting Curriculum

Moms and Dads earn much-needed baby supplies and equipment by participating in a parenting curriculum called “Earn While You Learn“(EWYL). This is an exciting program that Parenting Curriculumearns parents “Mommy Dollars”. Each lesson consists of watching a video and completing a worksheet. The EWYL program offers a wide variety of classes including Pregnancy, Parenting, Discipline, First Aid, Life Skills and much more. EWYL also offers a curriculum just for fathers.

Each lesson earns “Mommy Dollars” that will allow you to “shop” in our Baby Boutique. Our Baby Boutique is stocked with diapers, baby clothing, blankets, and many other baby supplies.

This program is completely FREE to you and made possible by the generous donations of our supporters!

Please contact us to sign up for our EWYL program.