So what are my options?

If your pregnancy test is positive, you may have a difficult decision to make. Facing an unexpected pregnancy can seem overwhelming. That is why knowing where to go for help is important. Talk to someone you can trust - we have caring people available to help you through this difficult time.

Confidential Support - Our trained client advocates are here to listen to your pregnancy concerns, help you find answers, and share all of your options. We will spend as much time as needed and you will not feel rushed or pressured to make a decision.

Parenting Education - If you are considering parenting, but feel that you may not be ready or lack the skills to raise a child, Hart Life offers parental training and material assistance for Mom and Dad through our Earn While You Learn program, as well as referrals for assistance with many of your other needs.

Adoption Education - It is important to get the facts on the adoption process before making this decision. Adoption has changed over the years and now offers the birth mother several options of involvement with her child as well as power in choosing adoptive parents. Women considering this option are under no obligation or pressure to place for adoption, but can investigate and learn more as they desire.

Abortion Education - If you are considering abortion, it is important to know all the facts before making this difficult, potentially life-changing decision. Information on the various types of abortion at different stages of your pregnancy, how they are performed, and any risks associated with them. Abortion options range from the morning after pill to various surgical procedures. Accurate information, backed by scientific data, will help you as you make an informed choice.

You owe it to yourself to have accurate and complete information about the options available to you. Please contact us for an appointment with one of our Client Advocates.